Välkommen till världen Prinsessan Estelle

Welcome to the world Princess Estelle

We have no more space to put pictures on the new cakes. Want to see our latest cakes please visit us at

hittar du här . Here you can see thumbnails of my cakes. C upcakes available here . Wedding Cakes you can find here . To view larger images click on each cake or cupcake.

Want to get in touch with me, please e-mail

Contact me:

1AR-party-oot doptarta pippi.langstrump.tarta baby-shower-oot

Birdie-lang trump-oot oot-kelly-10b cake-cupcakes-sugar paste shoes-oot

Tinkerbell-oot Tinkerbell-oot-16b princesses-oot-tiana

doptarta-50b doptarta mini-cupcakes oot-for-guys-one W-oot

doptarta-36bitar brollopstarta wedding cupcakes-68st tartsallning-cakeplate

doptarta-boy doptarta-Stockholm doptarta-boy-Stockholm doptarta baby-shower-oot doptarta-12b doptarta-Stockholm doptarta-girl

topsy - turvy cake love-cake dubai-cake-30years-fodelsedagstarta

student-oot oot oot-for-men-guys best all-oot-jonkoping

30-ars-oot doptarta-25b macarons cake cake pops

fodelsedagstarta-guy-30years shoe-purse-oot louis-vuitton-cake foselsedagstarta

barntarta-20bitar fodelsedagstarta 40b oot-40b doptarta-30b

fodelsedagstarta-goteborg pirattarta-20b hello-kitty-cake hello-kitty-oot


monster-high-cake-12b brollopstarta-Lidingo brollopstarta-Gotland-Visby 1-arstarta

Tinkerbell-oot Star-Wars-tart hello-kity-oot exam start

studenttartor Student-2013-hammarby-oot Student-2013-oot studenttarta


prinsesslott-oot cirkustarta pirattarta doptarta-12b

Smurfs-oot cake2013maj-048 1AR-oot cars-oot

barbietarta Tinkerbell-oot barntarta-30b jonkoping-oot-infant baptism

cake barnatarta-45b fodelsedagstarta-child fodelsedagstarta

1-ars-fodelsedagstarta-barntarta 1-ars-oot-fodelsedagstarta sugar paste 393174_525928714090555_914219437_n

doptarta-minicupcakes dotarta doptarta 40b

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

jake-pirates cake Skull-duck-oot mickey-mousse-cake-16b jungle-cake

best all-oot-malmo oot-malmo zoo-jungle-oot jungle-zoo-cake

doptarta doptarta-Stockholm hello-kitty-cake fodelsedagstarta-adult

princesstårta-3a R baby-shower-oot

barntarta-malmo doptarta-50b baby-shower-cake-cupcakes cake-pops

doptarta doptarta-boy 1-arstarta-boy doptarta-girl

oot-boy Bare start-boy sugar paste-oot cars-oot

fodelsedagstarta cars 1-ars-oot fodelsedagstarta the-little-prince-cake

clowntarta cars-barntarta angry-birds-oot 9-s-tarta

cars-barntarta barntarta cars tomas-tag-oot angry-birds-cake

Pernilla Wahlgren

Birdie-emil-little-man-oot Birdie-lang trump-oot Birdie-lang trump-oot fodelsedagstartor-child

ninja-turtles-oot-8b ninja-turtles-cake monster-high-party

fodelsedagstarta-1 s makeup-oot doptarta-blah 1-ars-oot

vintertarta studenttarta 1-ars-oot-girl cake-giraffe


Kalle Anka och Kajsa Anka tårta

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Cake

hello-kitty-scale launch hello-kitty-party-oot barntarta 40b


1-ars-fodelsedagstarta 3-ars-fodelsedagstarta mini cupcakes DOP

2-ars-fodelsedagstarta doptarta-blah-baby

doptarta-50bitar-blah barntarta-fodelsedagstarta

disney-princesses-oot malmo-oot-kids

baskettarta football-oot


spindelmannentarta-32 bits spinderman-cake-25b


fodelsedagstarta doping cupcakes

doptarta doptarta-boy

oot-cupcakes party-oot oot-40b

child-oot-linkoping barntarta-jonkoping barntarta cars

Soccer start football cake

oot-20b baby cake girafftarta baby-shower-cake baby-shower-oot-20b tartkartong cake cake pops

Cake topper - sugar decoration

Cupcakes pictures can be found here .

Sonata cake

3165_350444871714756_1037285422_n 19092_431666863592556_563668174_n

59338_377812298978013_303189776_n 64491_437883152970927_860693496_n 149233_431613186931257_2108314606_n 189821_370692939689949_1190026880_n

305930_431617160264193_2020245773_n 375142_445006072258635_266055741_n 481253_390848144341095_1544904836_n 483658_403264806432762_1045824074_n

487561_446947672064475_1456292666_n 547517_431614913597751_837453151_n 552095_425689797523596_1014992441_n 562475_434148780011031_2033939395_n 562507_439067606185815_1840044736_n 600205_422512854507957_903498072_n 943201_448929281866314_1863900933_n 1146713_493976484028260_270242583_n


il_fullxfull.379491357_4nwq 0b74bbba85e48ef98309bf61f14c62b3 9e86eee583a41365bed71046d78f047d 09d7f1078d137098199dc9dad808862e 64f59b0a5ae82d57ffa3b06a5f276b4d 540b7db98b090f75f2535ae326065179 61d7078c4a49d2ce7172a0fa3af994be

There are huge beautiful cakes, stylish and ... check for yourself:

Borrow images - just ask first

All photos are taken by me and is rights protected. It is possible to borrow pictures for non-commercial purposes as long as source is mentioned with a clear link and name. Think it's funny if you write about it in any of the comments about me or contact me at

Contact me:

Want to post pictures in a magazine or in other commercial contexts is first welcome to contact me.

Srpski: Smi slike su moje ali ukoliko pitate mogu see pozajmiti u nekomercializovane svrhe. Naravno Kako do Dobar obicaj nalaze PRI empty ocekujem da ispod stoji link za moj blog.

82 Responses to Gallery

  1. Alma says:

    Your skill and your artistic ability has no limits.
    I was just dumbfounded after watching your sugar art in one place. This is something beautiful I have set although I tend to keep track of what others do. Your photos deserve to be on the American cake central. You are a real artist. And it's Cake Art I call it here.

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  3. So very nice that you made, is really impressed

  4. Madden says:

    Hello Lover! : D

    WOW! I just say! Here we talk about real eye candy! ;-)

    You're absolutely incredibly talented. One beautiful creation after the other! Also like the mixture of beautiful, funny, cute and cool, which shows how wide the knowledge you have. Is there anything you can not do? Lol! Amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations here eventually.

    Hope you all are doing well and I wish you / you a wonderful and lovely day!

    Many many hugs! : D

    • Thank so incredible beautiful words. I promise that this is just a start, there is so much I want to do but unfortunately time is cruel. He he lived, it is tyrannical to day has just 24 hours.

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  8. jacamaca says:

    Ostala sam bez daha, gledajući ove tvoje prelepe torte, mafine, cvetiće ... Boje su čarobno lepe, ukrašavanje vrhunsko in neviđeno do sada, fotografije su profesionalne in neodoljive, do sada nisam Videla lepši Blog said lepšim slatkišima, BRAVO mila moja :) ))

  9. so fantastiske kaker you laver.

  10. Peder says:

    Clear impressive gallery!

  11. Oh my god so beautiful creations ... real works of art :-) . Very impressive!

  12. Snježa says:

    Yes sam oduševljena ... oh Bože, kako neko Moze imati toliko strpljenja in ovakve stvari raditi?!
    Čarobno, fantastično!

  13. katja says:

    Mislim da je totalno neposteno sto si tako daleko a postavljas ove fotke! Stoga pitanje Kada GOSTUJES U NASEM Master?????????

    SVE JE FANTASTIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

  14. Karin says:

    You are so incredibly creative with your imaginative edible artwork that explodes in a cascade of colors. Speechless!

    hugs Karin

  15. Olgica says:

    Ovako Nesto see radially s ljubavlju in uživanjem. Svaka cast Na Malim Remek delima AI Na fotkama.

  16. maryam says:

    my god this is probably the finest cakes and cupcakes I have ever seen .. amazingly well done ... guud so fiint

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  18. Marie-Louise Fredlund says:

    You do probably the nicest cakes I've seen. My husband turns 40, it is not until the fall but I would really like to give him a nice cake. What is the cost of your cakes?
    Yours sincerely

  19. mira Sarcevic says:

    Svaka vam cast!

  20. Susanne Carlsson says:

    Wow what great stuff you do!
    Too bad I did not find your site a little earlier - My brother turns 30 on Saturday and it would have been fun to do a special cake for him. Can I order from you to another time?

  21. Helena Ekman says:

    Hello Marina!
    Of course, we voted right on your cupcake contribution. They hit with flying colors. To me it's so great that you can bake that kind of artwork. You are such a master. THANKS again for Louis' huge skateboards cake.

    Hug Helena, Henry, Desiré, Louis

    • Thank you dear Helen, you are than them nicest and sweetest families you know. It was my pleasure with the cake, especially when you got to see how happy Louis was. Thank you for your votes and for always volunteer as real friends.

  22. Elijana says:

    The best cakes I've seen, so sweet and cute :)

  23. Almasa says:

    Divne su vam torte! Moj his uskoro puni 3 godine in volio bi tortu u obliku sought magnify, dali ste pravili takve in hut je cijena?

  24. angelina says:

    hey i detection dogs if they can contact you by phone would villja order a cake?
    Sincerely angelina johansson

  25. Nora says:


    Incredibly nice cakes / cupcakes you've done! (=
    I was going to ask you .. my sister takes the student in about 2 weeks and I would surprise her with a nice cake, but found the finest of your image gallery, the white with blue / yellow ribbon, it's totally amazing! Can you order it with you? (=

    / / Nora

  26. Maria says:

    Thank you so much, the cake was sooo good looking and tasted wonderful, thank you a thousand times.

  27. Nurten says:

    In my eyes, you cake-Hosts Queen! No one makes them here the cakes look as good as you. Have great respect for your masterful work.
    You're the best Marina!
    I'm so glad I found you.
    Big hug.

  28. Nurten says:

    Hello Marina!
    Thanks for the super nice Pippi Longstocking cake again!
    It was much prettier and tastier than we had expected. You do a fantastic job, and certainly makes a lot of children very happy that my daughter.
    Has sent the pictures to your email, but there is something wrong, so the email is not sent to you.
    You are my daughter's heroine, you know.
    We thank you sincerely for everything!
    Big hug and have a nice summer.


    • Thanks Nurten it pleases me. Strangely there were several who complained that they could not send pictures to me. 'll Look into it as soon as I get back from vacation.

  29. Yanet elorreaga says:

    preciosas tus tortas!! HERMOSASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  30. Magdalena says:

    Became totally captivated by your baked goods! Without a doubt the coolest thing I've seen! Is it possible to order from you and what is the price in that case? You really are quite amazing talented! Sincerely Magdalena

  31. Jennie says:

    Artwork! You are unique and very talented! :) Cruel simply. Will I ever get married, I know who is going to design my cake! ;) Heard about you through my mom's work friends, Semra and Dijana at Asta Zeneca. :)

  32. Asma says:

    You've probably heard that your cakes look amazing but I just have to say to you that I have no words to describe how beautiful, wonderful and fun cakes designed by you and done.
    Have not seen finer cakes and cupcakes, you're Awesome cake / cupcake designs.
    I wish I had seen your blog earlier so I could have ordered graduation cake for my cousin.
    I will Meila you too but just wanted to say that my little brother will turn 14 in September and I would very much like you did the cake for him.
    Sincerely a fan

  33. Shabnam says:

    Completely incomprehensible  you are talented, I've never seen the like, but the only thing I would like more, prices, where can you see those?
    Sincerely Sara

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  35. Judith says:

    If I'd like to order a figure of handy manny cake for my son's 2-party for 20pers. what would it cost? We live in Högdalen

  36. During my picture is my email address so you can contact me personally via email.
    Contact me:

  37. Tanja Zivkovic says:

    I really have no words! Your cakes are absolutely amazing! I'm going to name my twins soon and I really want you to make my baptism cakes! I'll contact you shortly! Mnogo co oducevljena!

  38. beata says:


    Did you by chance ... what an amazing artist you are ... :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    May the winds be with you.

  39. Vicki says:

    Absolutely incredible cakes! You are a true talent ....

  40. Vasanthi Eriksson says:

    Hello Marina!
    I want to thank my beautiful 50th birthday cake. Guests at my 50th birthday party where really impressed and everyone wondered where I had ordered it from. You did a fantastic job and you really notice that you have put your time on it. I thank you very much and in the future, I know where I'm going to order my cakes from ;)
    Hug Vasanthi

  41. Nathalie says:

    Oh what lovely cakes :) wondering if you sell sugar figures and if you can send them through the mail?
    Sincerely, Nathalie

  42. Neda says:

    Thanks for the nice cake for my little girl's one-year birthday party. The cake was not only beautiful, but also the most delicious cake I've ever eaten. It was a success and many pictures of the beautiful cake that was in our favorite colors, yellow and purple :) .... It was just as I had imagined it.

  43. Sandra says:

    Melody loved Fifi figures ... same goes for the whole family .. I e so glad you could do this for us.
    Looking forward to order more from you ..

  44. Carmen says:

    Hi Marina,

    Thanks for the jättefina hello kitty cake, Julia, our daughter loved! It was not only beautiful but so extremely good too!


  45. Carina says:

    Hello Marina!

    Hope you have read my text, but I also want this on the e-mails thank you for a suupergod, stunningly beautiful and absolutely wonderful cake!
    Martina was thrilled with the design, it was not too much but clean and stylish! It tasted so great! We got comments like, "it looks beautiful on the inside and you think it is that the All-inclusive hotels where it does not taste anything, but only looks beautiful, but this cake was unbelievably good!" "Wow how can you do these kinds of cakes! "With several comments. Your cake really contributed to that Martina got a giant successful 18-year anniversary!

    Hope you are feeling better and that the medicine helps you to pollen allergy.

    Many thanks once again, and a warm and lovely hug from me and Martina!
    Your friend Carina

  46. Henri R says:

    Absolutely wonderful side which stylish and good cakes you have done :-)
    You get a lot of inspiration.

  47. Martina says:

    Absolutely amazing cakes .. absolute nicest I've seen =)
    you e sooo talented!
    hug martina

  48. shirley says:

    Mon dieu que c'est Beaux :-)
    You are a professional :) guuud huh nicely your cakes are!
    Vraiment ravisante :)

  49. Nadia Jasim says:

    I would like to order a cake with 12 pieces to my boy 2 years old Birthday :) on this 29 of August 2012, but we will delay it to 1 of September I mean to the weekend, so we need the cake on Saturday, and we would like Shaun the Sheep on it : D , We live in Nynashamn so we can deliver the cake home from Sodertalje. do you think it is possible to do so, plz answer me. I would be very thankful :)

  50. Hanna Larsson says:

    Wooow! :-D

  51. Sharmin says:

    Hey Maria!
    Thanks for the amazing and beautiful cake. It was really cool and we were very pleased. Which artist you are and what
    amazing cakes you do then :-) A feast for the eyes every time I stopped by here.

    Hello / Sharmin, Mustafa & Sidra

  52. Caroline says:

    Hi Marina,

    Thanks for the fantastic fine cake and sugar figures were super cute.
    The taste was wonderful, all the guests va so happy.
    Many thanks Caroline

  53. VERONICA says:

    Hello Marina!

    Thanks for the wonderful cake for our son Mario. It was super good and appreciated by all the guests

    Veronica / Mustafa

  54. Alexandra says:

    I am so incredible impressed by the fantastic service that you deliver!
    We are super happy with our order and as many other writing so was the cake really the highlight of the whole party!
    Benjamin loved his Gruffalo cake, nothing could beat the happiness in his eyes when he saw it, thanks!
    It was as good as it was beautiful addition.

    You have my warmest recommendations.

    Alexandra, Benjamin and Mike

  55. Anna says:

    Nisam nikad vidjela ljepse torte, additional su svaka ti cast .. Takve Torte trebamo dolje u Malme :)

    • Pa saljemo torte na Malmö!

      • Sapna says:


        Thanks so much for your professional service. Wow, the cake tasted divine and all praised it so much. You did a super job, we'll probably continue always order our cakes from you.

        Take care and good luck!

        Regards Sapna

  56. Ingi says:

    This cake was for my daughter Nova the va suuuuppper fine must thank you Mary, you did an awesome job. we were so happy and the va so amazingly good. Many thanks for everything.

  57. Güler / Svensson says:

    Hi Marina,

    Just wanted to hear from me and say 1000 millions thanks for the wonderful cake!
    So very nice! Had not dreamed of someone else: It was simply perfect,
    and so amazingly good! Thank you very much for all the time you spent on this.
    Hope you can make cakes for all eternity for this gives true happiness!

    A big thank you from the family Güler / Svensson!

  58. Daniela says:

    Hello Marina!

    Thanks so much for a great good, but above all a very nice cake!
    We will remember it for life :-)

    / Lindblad family

    PS took the opportunity and did a lot of advertising, so I hope to send several orders from Vallentuna.

  59. Isadora says:

    Thank you for the incredibly fine doptårtan you tweaked our baptism.
    It really made a success and tasted super good.

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  61. Marie says:

    Hi Marina,

    A thousand thanks for the nice and super tasty cake! Everyone at the party asked who baked it - it was top-notch!
    Regards, Marie, Anabelle two years cake

  62. Dina says:

    Hello Marina and good continuation,

    Hope you've had a good start to the year. Just wanted to say thank you for a very nice and good cake, Milton loved it and wanted to play with the figures all the time, the cake was a success as usual.

    Talk to you again before 2015. Wishing you the best in this new year.

    Warm regards

    Milton, Dina and Bahram

  63. Madeleine says:

    I just say WOW what a nice cake :) )))) And so good!

    We are again super happy!

    Warm hugs
    / Madeleine and Christian Lindahl

  64. Anna-Lee and Joakim says:

    Hi Marina,

    I just wanted to tell you that the cake was sooo good, and all the guests admired it and thought it was so beautiful!
    Thank you again!

    Anna-Lee och Joakim

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